Monday, February 4, 2008

Redneck Tractor Trailer

Our area's version of a Redneck Tractor Trailer.

Total rainfall for today 0.43 inches. It is nice using the wireless rain gauge from Christmas, we don't even have to go outside to empty it. The bad part about the rain was now the ground is so soft and the horses got in the yard tonight running around and acting wild. I'm afraid to see what the yard will look like in the morning.

V's last basketball game was tonight. The team lost so they ended up with a tied season 8-8. I think J is very happy not to have to travel all over the place for practice and games anymore.

We finished Gone With the Wind. E asked if there were any sequels.

1 comment:

Milly said...

Happy Birthday shout out to K!! Many happy returns! Hope you had a very nice day.

Good job V -- it sounds like you were a very key part of your team. Tough competition.

K -- I've been hearing about the famed "tractor trailer" nice to see a pix of it.

E -- so what's next? Hard to follow GWTW...

J -- exciting news about your new horse. Should be fun for you to ride over your land on your new horse! I assume that white block on the horse rump is something temporary from the auction (looks odd).

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