Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yard Ornament III

I got this cute little gargoyle at the Dollar Tree last year. I like seeing him spying out from under the flowers.
The peonies are starting to bloom now. All of my came from my grandmothers house.
When I was in elementary school, my mother would always send peonies for me to take to my teacher at the end of the year. I remember one year being afraid they wouldn't bloom in time. I checked on them every day until they finally bloomed 2 days before the end of school.

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Milly said...

Wow K. I took peonies to M at the beach since mine just started to bloom on Friday. We enjoyed the wonderful smell all weekend. I also reminsed about taking them to the teacher at the end of the year. Mine are not as vigorous and prolific as yours but they are trying.

Cute gargoyle.

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