Monday, September 22, 2008


It was a very long four days. V had a repeat of last year's show (no ribbons), even to the point of her horse laying down in the ring leaving the last class.she still wanted a nice picture, so after several tries I thought this the best.
She looked good in all of her classes, but had some issues getting the correct leads at times.
You can see from this line up that there was stiff competition. J said they all looked so much alike that it could be an army.
E came a long way from last year. She said she had much more control especially at the canter. She said last year was just luck because all she did was "kick and flail."
She was 2nd in western pleasure pony 1st go and 6th in the 2nd go. She got 8th out of 21 in a class that required doing a pattern and 9th in the western pleasure pony championship. She also qualified for the finals in trail but didn't place.(only 13 qualified out of 40).

V is planning her strategy for next year and I think E is relieved it's over.

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Milly said...

I'm excited to hear a report on all the goings on. V indeed looks good. Sounds like she had very tough competition. And Emily too. Sounds like Emily is much improved in her control. Makes her good showing in a very competitive field more meaningful.

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