Wednesday, October 22, 2008


J gave me a compliment the other day, he said I was like Grandma scavenging apples and using my 5 gallon buckets for everything. I'm not sure he necessarily meant it as a complement but I took it as one.
I've been making a lot of applesauce this fall. I started out freezing it but soon filled the freezer. So I broke down and started canning. Goodness knows I have plenty of jars from Grandma. I hope it tastes as good coming out of the jar as it did going in. My preservation techniques always worry me a little.


Milly said...

Very cool. I'm very impressed. I did not know that you canned! You can add canning and gardening to your list of being like Grandma. And that is a compliment!

Lynn said...

Looking good! Nothing like going down to the basement and bringing up a jar of homemade applesauce in the middle of winter!

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