Sunday, February 22, 2009

Horse Judging

V and E competed in the B&B Horse Judging Contest Saturday along with about 200 other 4-H and FFAer's. 

They judged 10 classes; 5 halter and 5 performance.
There was a very cute class of Norwegian Fjords.
V competed as a Senior this year so she had to give 3 sets of reasons.  Unfortunately, V didn't place in anything.  E received 6th in performance. She only dropped 5 points out of 250 in performance and had an overall score of 475 out of 500 (that is if she didn't miss mark any cards). So it was a very high scoring contest for her not to have made the top 10.


Milly said...

Sounds like really tough competition.

Wanna Reading said...

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