Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've been very busy trying to catch up on everything after a long week end in Orlando.  The only problem with the meeting was that it was an all day long meeting with no time for anything else.  The food on the other hand was fabulous.  
I may have had a momentary lack in judgement recently when I purchased 8 Leyland Cypress trees.  I have planted 4 and decided I don't have space for the other 4.  I'm not sure I really want the 4 I planted, but I reasoned that I can always cut them down later.
The farrier came today to reset the shoes on 4 horses.  I always worry about Pep for the next week after shoeing.  She seems to get quicked about half the time and then is lame for 2 weeks.

V had the High School awards tonight.  She received certificates for outstanding achievement in English and Geometry.

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