Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mt Rogers 2009

Well, we did it again.  We hiked the 16 mile round trip to the top of Mt. Rogers yesterday.  Some of us are walking better today than others.  The whole trip including rest stops and lunch took 8 1/2 hours.  M was all smiles at the beginning of the trail with Bunny.  Bunny was wearing his parka C made him for Mt. Everest. 
J stopped to wait for some of us by this interesting tree.
The very top of the mountain is tree covered so there is no view from there.  There is however a large open area called the scales that affords wonderful views. 
There has been a lot of rain lately and parts of the trail were very wet and muddy.  E went through 3 pairs of socks trying to keep her feet dry.
You can't tell from this picture but M is all smiles again at the finish.  We were all very glad to make it back in one piece.
More pictures to come...

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