Sunday, September 20, 2009

State 4-H Horse Show 2009

We just got back today from 4 days of horse showing and camping in the trailer.  Everyone is tired but happy.
E had a very successful show.  3rd in western pleasure pony jr. rider first go (should have won but the dreaded missed lead), 3rd in jr. pony western horsemanship, 3rd in jr. horse and pony working western, qualified for the trail class (top 13 out of 35) then finally 1st in western pleasure 2nd go.  There was a tie for the high point award so they had a hack off which E won!
The big trophy is for that but it is a perpetual trophy so we have to take it back next year.  She qualifed for the western horsemanship classic but didn't place (jr. and sr. ponies and horses), and was 7th in the western pleasure pony classic (small and large ponies jr and sr. riders).
V did very well against the hunter compition.  She was 9th in hunter pleaure pony 14-15 year olds 1st go then 8th in the 2nd go.  She placed 8th in equitation after a grulling work out that included both posting and sitting trots without stirrups.  She said she couldn't feel her legs afterwards.  She also did not miss a lead in any class and Jessica didn't lay down after the last class like she has done for the past 2 years. (v was very worried that she would).
J made it through the show but I think he might have to watch the videos to see what happened.
I'll be posting more pictures this week.

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C said...

Big big congratulations!! Nice job E Wow! And I love your jacket -- outstanding color -- I'm sure it got you noticed. Nice work V -- sounds like you had tough competition. You have really improved Jessica's performance.

I've been thinking about you all and wondering how things went.

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