Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yard Scraps

I spent some time this weekend cleaning off the garden.  There were still 2 cabbage heads left along with the stems of some earlier cut cabbages that were growing new leaves.
Of course I just throw everything over the fence to get rid of it.  I usually wait until the goats are near by so the items will disappear faster.
They really went after the cabbage which surprised me a little since they didn't touch it when they got into the yard a few weeks ago.  I guess they weren't as picky since they didn't have the tomatoes, grape vines, butterfly bushes and apples to chose from.
They also seemed to enjoy the hostas.

1 comment:

C said...

Did I tell you that I made some delicious cabbage soup (Ruby's recipe) two weekends ago with one of your cabbages. I have one cabbage left I plan to boil or make into soup or both. I enjoyed your broccoli cabbage mixup this year.

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