Friday, February 12, 2010

Cutting Wood

J has a lot of wood cut. He usually only brings in about a weeks worth to the house at a time. This keeps the stove area much neater than just piling it all up at once. The only problem is that what he has cut is buried under a foot of snow and impossible to find.
Therefore, he had to go to another section where he had some trees down. The calves in this field were very curious at first.
That is until the chain saw started.
Then they high tailed it out of there.
They did get over their initial startle and cautiously watched from more of a distance.
J just cut a tractor dipper load to get by for the next few days.

1 comment:

G-Pride Farm said...

You have a beautiful place. Hope you get your pile uncovered soon. We have been cutting too, mud around here has made it hard to get to it. It's been an adventure getting stuck. lol You'd have to be there for those times. lol

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