Thursday, April 1, 2010

16K Update

16K is doing much better. She is eating and acting normal. However, she never really started milking well. Therefore, we a have been supplementing her calf with a bottle daily. At first J had to run after him the catch him, now he comes running when he sees us.
It's a good thing she is a calm cow.

V participated in the Block and Bridle Stockman's and Livestock judging contests last weekend.
She was 4th overall in Stockman's and 4th in Stockman's judging out of 290 contestants. She didn't place in the Livestock judging in the top 10 but when we got the scores she was 17th out of 93. No one else on her team placed in anything.


Cattle Call Farm said...

Beautiful farm! I ran in real fast to check my emails before leaving today so I did't get to check out everything.But you can bet, I'll be back! I will be adding you to my blog list when I get some time.
PS. Welcome to the Farm!

C said...

V fantastic job!

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