Friday, April 16, 2010


I'll spare the details and just say we had a cow lose a calf.
J drug it to the barn with the truck so the cow would follow.
Next, he had to drag it by hand to get her into the barn. Once again, without any further details, we took the hide from the dead calf and made a little jacket for the twin we have been bottle feeding.
I think you can imagine a lot of different captions for this picture. But because neither one knew quite what to do in this situation, we had to put the cow in the chute to get things started.
Once the calf figured out where breakfast was coming from he wasn't any trouble. We turned them back out together and by the afternoon the cow seemed to have adopted the calf. We have tried different techniques to graft calves onto cows but this has always worked the best for us. Tomorrow we'll take off the jacket.

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fernvalley01 said...

We have been lucky with some of our cows , they seem to want a calf so bad I have gotte away with just putting the calf in a small pen with momma and away they go. My other trick is vapor rub on moms nose ,not so good at skinning calves(lol) glad it worked out .And handy that you had a twin

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