Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Getting Ready

The steer and heifer show is only 2 weeks away.
J had been getting the girls to work with the cattle almost daily now. The boys are all doing well. They all stand tied, lead and set up.
E still fusses about this project. She would really rather show horses than steers. It doesn't help that we do all this work for just one show which the steers don't get to come home from.
We only had one heifer nice enough to show this year so V is working with her. She has only been halter broke for about 2 weeks but is doing as well as the steers. Friday we will have some help getting everyone clipped.

1 comment:

Cattle Call Farm said...

They are all lookig great, but you know my pick, Hereford always. Good luck in the show!

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