Thursday, May 6, 2010

E's Show Results

As you can see E had a little difficulty at the show yesterday. It actually started after the show last Saturday when she was taking 61 back to the barn lot and he got away from her. He did it again Tuesday morning before we loaded him on the trailer. From then on 61 found out that if he put his head down and ran to the right he could get away.
At the fairgrounds, E was taking him to the wash rack when he did it again. She really tried to hold on but got pulled down and drug for a few feet. Her jeans were ripped and her knee, well there's the picture. We recaptured him, got him washed and dried and put up for the night.
E was putting on a good front the next day for the show.
Unfortunately, as soon as he stepped into the ring he did it again. Notice the dirt on E's side and back. She somehow flipped over this time and scratched up her elbows. Once again he was corralled and the class continued. Both of E's steers ended up in the same class so V showed the other one for her. Once the class was placed (E 2nd, and V with E's other steer 3rd) he got away again.
He was much harder to catch this time. He made several laps and got away from several men.
This 300 pound man finally got a hold on him and didn't let go. He ran the length of the ring before he got 61 stopped.
After much bellowing from 61 about being caught, the judge was finally able to give his reasons. E was glad both of hers were in the same class, that was she got done sooner and only had to show the one. She was pretty sore and stiff by showmanship so we let her scratch. She did place 2nd in the intermediate division of the Stockman's contest.
Unlike the first year she showed a steer she was very happy to see this one go. E says she would like to take some boxing gloves to the carcass show next week.
V's results to follow.


fernvalley01 said...

Ouch!!! Poor girl ! The calves looked good though

fourwilkies said...

She has a brave smile! We had a steer last year that went a bit nutty on us. Figured out a 13-year old boy couldn't pull him around and after that the game was over! Fortunately this was all discovered before the show and we had another better-tempered one.

George Luker said...

OMG, that looks very painfull. Hope she feels better now.

Animal Identification

C said...

E you poor thing!! You know you have it rough when even a 300 lb man is having trouble. You were very brave.

And of course K a HAVE to comment on the spoke quote of the day. I appreciate the nod.

C said...

Yikes I meant Spock! At least I didn't do what Daddy always did and call him Mr Spark

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