Monday, May 10, 2010

Final Few Shots

The steers were such a big project I thought I would devote one more post to the show.
This was the Champion Steer of the show. Two professional fitters worked on him for 2 days at the show. I'm not sure the 4-Her even touched it until it went into the ring.

No professional fitters in this group.
We can be proud of what our girls learned and accomplished.
Guess we will see them once more at the carcass show Friday.


Judy said...

It is always so frustrating to know that someone other than the kids have done the work on their animals! Never figured out why parents do that for/to their kids. My boys learned by doing it theirselves as do you daughters. If you ask them, I bet they will say they keep learning each time they do it and that are proud and satisfied of their hard work!

Cattle Call Farm said...

I too never understand why parents,don't step aside and let the kids learn more by doing. That's how I learned. I do understand help is needed, and I am always close in an emergency if I have to jump in or catch an animal. But the kids will have more respect for their awards if "they" have done the work, as it shows on your childrens faces.We just picked up our lambs for the girls to show at the Black Walnut Festival this fall. Both of the girls have set their minds to winning Grand Champion, I told "them' they were going to have to do the work. We will see how this goes. They both got called back for the second round in their class last year, but just didn't make it.Maybe this year.

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