Saturday, May 1, 2010

Show Results

We had a good day showing cattle. It was a good warm-up for next week.
V had a very successful day. She won her class with the steer we raised and won Champion Steer overall. She also won her showmanship class. She also won Champion Hereford heifer (she had the only one).
E still wasn't rested up from her D.C. trip, but was able to go through the motions. Unfortunately, she didn't win any of her classes.
V with her Champion steer.
Even though E is not a senior 4-Her, they split the classes so she showed against V in Showmanship. She did an excellent job but V does have 3 more years of experience.
At the end they were able to get all of the kid that participated together for a picture. It turned out to be a fair sized group. They announced that there had been a lot of money donated but they didn't know how much was left, so after they run the figures we should receive some sort of premium as yet to be determined. I think V maybe checking the mail pretty close for the next little bit.

1 comment:

C said...

Nice job V! Years of work are paying off.

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