Friday, May 21, 2010

We're Back

First stop St. Louis. We drove 650 miles (800 for M) the first day and got to St. Louis.
We went to the arch the next morning.
The park leading to the arch was beautiful.
It is really a grand structure. We were afraid without reservations we wouldn't be able to go up in it but we got there early and there was no line so we got to go right in. It is a fascinating tour and I highly recommend stopping if you have the chance.
M saw this restaurant on Diners and Dives so we found it and had supper there, delicious.


C said...

Welcome home!

G-Pride Farm said...

St. Louis is sort of in my back or side yard. Glad you enjoyed the trip and got to visit the Gateway to the west city. St. Louis does have much to offer in way of tourism. I don't get there too often, I like the country too much. Glad your home and the trip was a safe one. What did you's think of the cattle? Or did you get to see them? Looking forward to hearing more about your trip once your caught up with the girls and rested.

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