Monday, June 28, 2010

E's District Show Results 2010

E had a calmer day than V did.
She did fuss considerably about having to do Showmanship but she ended up winning the class. She is convinced Pep is scared of strangers in hats and that is why she won't stand when the judge walks up. However, this judge wasn't wearing a hat and Pep did stand still. E did a great job showing her.
Next, she was a one horse wrecking crew for the trail class. She did manage to get the mail out of the box but didn't get it closed back all of the way.
She picked up the bucket and got it to the second barrel but didn't set it down well and it fell off. Then there were elevated poles to walk across and she knocked them all down. She stepped on all of the ground poles, made it thru the cones to halt without stepping on anything and even side passed. The L back then got stepped all over and E dropped the rain coat when she tried to hang it back. She finished strong with a 360 in a box and didn't step on anything there. Amazingly, she placed 5th.
She did well in her other classes, maybe a little fast at the jog but got all of her leads with only minor breaks. She placed 2nd in western pleasure, 4th in equitation and make the final cut out of 24 in go-as-you-please but didn't place.
As soon as she finished showing the real fun began.


fernvalley01 said...

Funny sounds like my old mare in trail class , backed through the L then casually place one foot outside ...because she could

C said...

Good job E. Did they have wifi there or were you just playing games on your itouch?

C said...

Oooo -- I see you switched your itouch for what looks like a cell -- so were you texting?

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