Sunday, August 15, 2010

E's Show Results

We had a very nice show yesterday. It was mostly overcast so the temperature only got into the 80's. There were 57 classes but a lot of them had no entries. Unfortunately, there weren't many horses at the show but it is always good practice. It was over by 4:00.
E showed in 5 classes. The judge really liked her horse but she broke from the lope in about every class.
Her last class was trail. The wind was blowing while she had to pick up the rain slicker. I couldn't believe Pep didn't shy from it.
She even crossed to bridge without too much problem.
I think an airplane could have backed through these poles.
E ended up with 2 firsts, 2 seconds and 1 third.


C said...

Nice job E. Congrats!

Judy said...

Glad she did so well and that you took such good photos of it all!

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