Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Bad...

V had a down right miserable show with Jessica. Showmanship was the only class Jessica did well in but V forgot the pattern and didn't do the back. Of course E teased her about this and when it was her turn E forgot to do the 360 turn. I think they have a mental block when it comes to showmanship.
V has never had to do a riding pattern on Jessica at a show before. This year they had one for the Hunter Equitation class.
In theory it was a simple pattern but Jessica found a way to ruin it. She was suppose to stop next to the cone and back 4 steps. Instead, she stopped in front of the cone then backed over and stomped it several times. We think she needs an anger management course.
Of course she went too fast in all of her classes. I started just filming her in the warm-up ring where she was doing perfect.
I think Jessica won this round. It will probably be the last show V takes her to. Maybe I can convince V to try Hank next year.

1 comment:

C said...

V - that is just soooo dissappointing. Jessica has not been a good show horse over the years. It sounds like Hank may improve your results.

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