Sunday, October 3, 2010

Last Show

We went to our last show of the season yesterday. V didn't want to show so I decided to take Hank myself. I don't have any hunter boots that fit so I asked the show management if proper attire was needed and they assured me it was not.
So Hank and I took of to show in English Pleasure.
Hank did perfect. He stayed calm, was very consistent, and just floated along. Meanwhile, you can see the wreck in the background. I don't see how with just 4 horses in the class that one had to run up on the other that way (unless of course that it was out of control). The grey english horse is a Quarter Horse with english attire. The general consensus from everyone that watched the class (that is everyone except the judge) was that Hank won. The judge gave us last. Anyway, I was very pleased with how he acted and think V would do well by showing him next year.
E took Pep in the Youth Halter Class. Katelyn won the class with Scribbles.
The second and third place horses came back in the adult halter class. The third place horse got second and the second place horse didn't place. Needless to say the judging was a little screwy.
The ring condition left something to be desired. One side had to be cut off due to the mud. E did manage to keep Pep going well enough to win the Open Western Pleasure Class.
Of course the first thing when you get out of the ring is to count the prize money.

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fernvalley01 said...

Judging can be odd somedays. But you are pleased with your horse and that counts for a lot

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