Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Yard Work

The weather was beautiful today so I took the opportunity to do some fall yard work. (It beats making more pear sauce, only 2 buckets left.)
We didn't get around to carving the pumpkins for Halloween so I'm using them as yard art.
I finally got the garden cleaned off. Looks like there will be plenty of tommy toe seeds for next year.
I had too much of a curve in the day lilly border so I straightened that out. Now I'm left with a huge tub to give away. I also move some peonies. When my sister was remodeling her house my grandmother's flower bed was in the way so I rescued as many peonies as I could. I didn't have a place prepared for them so they got stuck everywhere. This is the last bunch that I had planted among the shrubbery. I'm sure I could have spread them out more but I got tired of digging up sod.

The sun was setting when I finished (ok, so I rode Hank a little bit first), and the burning bushes were really burning.
I think my back will be killing me tomorrow.


Crystal said...

I like the pumpin decoration!
Those burning bushes are so pretty too.

fourwilkies said...

Looks beautiful. You've inspired me to get some fall tidying done.

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