Monday, November 15, 2010

Fresh Mulch

I was able to get a truck load of mulch today. It is always hit or miss with the guys at the sawmill. They don't work any particular schedule so when we find they there we have to jump on it. The only problem is today after 2 weeks of beautiful weather it started to rain. Of course J needs the truck every day so I'm out there in the rain trying to unload it so he can have it back tomorrow. I won't mention that I couldn't get as much mulch this time because there is no tailgate on the truck. I'll just say it wasn't my fault and V doesn't drive the truck so only one driver left.
Anyway, I love how fresh mulch makes everything look so perfect. Too bad the weeds and grass still find a way to grow up through it. Of course there is always Round-up.
I managed to get the mugo pines planted. They are suppose to grow 4'x8' slowly.
I only got half of this flower bed finished before I ran out of mulch.
The biggest problem with cheap mulch from the saw mill is the chunks of wood they leave behind. I pull out the largest ones then just throw them in the wood stove. Hope I can get another load tomorrow although my back is hoping otherwise.

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