Thursday, March 10, 2011


What is that behind the forsythia bushes?

There are no forsythias in the field, this is the yard.

I don't have a lawn ornament that big (although it would be pretty cool.)
You can't hide from me.
Well, looky there.  It's Hank the Wonder Horse.

 Back to where you belong.  The problem with having a wonder horse is that he has powers beyond the ordinary horse.  This one, in addition to being able to luge, yes luge not lunge see ( can leap a cattle guard in a singe bound.  This allows him unprecedented access to the excellent grazing opportunity found in the yard.  I guess we are back to putting up the horse cable over the cattle guard.


Kim said...

I guess Hank has recovered from his "luging" accident if he can "vault" over a cattle guard! I think he might be training for the Olympics.

Thanks for your horse and goat advice on my blog.

fernvalley01 said...

Sneaky booger ! but he would make a gorgeous lawn ornament

Gail said...

My four work as a team to open gates. We now use clips.

Verde Farm said...

Oh my, Hank is a talented fella. He sure is a beauty!! So glad you shared with FFF :)

Anonymous said...

Hank the Wonder Horse! What a talented fellow he seems to be.


luckybunny said...

I guess he's talented! I was amazed when I caught my Dexter cows crawling under a gate on their side, but this takes the cake. Pretty impressive Hank!

texwisgirl said...

Ha ha! Our chestnut Arab gelding leaps our cattle guard too! We have to put a green rope up across it to keep him in place when he's got front pasture access! :)

Wonder Horse. :)

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