Tuesday, March 15, 2011


J brought a bull to the house from another farm yesterday.  Since the trailer was handy (it usually stays at the other farm) I thought it might be nice to work on loading and unloading.
After one initial minor pull back Otoelene hopped right on.
In fact, she got on so fast there were no in between pictures. 
J turned her around and took her back on again, this time letting her eat a little grain while she was on.

We did this a couple of more times and she did perfect.
Next, I wanted her to be able to back off.  I had practiced a few days ago with her backing off a concrete pad.
We practice a little more and then took her back to the trailer.  It was my turn to load her so no pictures but she did perfect.  She waited to get on until I told her then placed each foot.  I stopped her with just her front feet on then backed her off a couple of times.  Then I loaded her all the way and backed her off, perfect again.  Meanwhile, when we were doing all of this, the bull J brought home, along with the 2 other bulls in the lot J put him in, and 3 other bulls in an adjoining lot, were all bellowing and fighting.  It was quite a cacophony but she wasn't phased.


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a smart little filly with some equally smart handlers

Crystal said...

Hmm pretty good for a little girl!

I like the halter you made too, i have those same instructions and always get confused! I would like to make one that has a smaller nose, all the ones you buy have big noses.

texazranches11 said...

Its not quite obvious that she's smart. Your lucky to having her, keep it up.Tx Land For Sale

The Japanese Redneck said...

We picked Ziggy up on a Saturday and had to use a butt rope and drag him into the trailer with 2 pushers.

The next day hubby had him loading up in just a few minutes.

Glad she did so well for ya'll.

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