Monday, April 4, 2011

Greener Pastures

J was able to rent 40 more acres this spring.  We worked the replacement heifers today and hauled them to the new boundary.
 They were glad to get out on green grass.
 They all went right to grazing.
 One problem will be all of the obstacles they will have to contend with.
 Some people just can't seem to throw away junk.
 The property is split into 3 different fields so J will be able to do some rotating.
I'm a little worried about getting them back to the house this coming winter.  These pens don't look to sound.


farmer said...

I'm jealous of your green pasture,mine is still brown...we were fencing a new pasture today.
That time of year.

SunnySD said...

Everything is so beautiful and green!!! We have the barest hint of green stuff here and there - everything's still sere and brown....

The Japanese Redneck said...

Yup, you might need to bring in some portable panels to round them all back up.

I'm glad to see they are so happy!

Alica said...

They look like they're enjoying that green grass...all their heads down, eating. I love watching the cows this time of year, after they've had dry hay all winter long!

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