Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

We knew exactly what the get J for Father's Day this year.  We have 2 maddocks but both have wooded handles.  Chopping thistles in wet grass has caused the wood to swell. Then when it dries out the head is loose. 
 J is now the proud owner of a new maddock with a synthetic handle.
 V and E have promised to go thistle chopping with him but so far only E has followed through.  She prefers a little hoe. We told her to invite the basketball team and maybe it would count for one of their weight lifting sessions.  She was not amused.
J says with the new maddock the thistles almost chop themselves.


Leontien said...

Ha! i have NO idea what a maddock is! although the pics are pretty clarifying!


C said...

Go E go! Or is that hoe E hoe!

The Japanese Redneck said...

LOL... your hubby is like mine. New tools for presents make him happy.

Crystal said...

hmm only men like gifts that create work! Mine does too, cant have enough tools.

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