Saturday, June 18, 2011

Show Results

We had a day with a lot of firsts.  First bath with a hose, first time seeing the clippers, first time hauled in the slant load, first time tied to the trailer, first show, but no first place. 
 She did wonderful with everything.  I borrowed E's shirt and hat, V's belt and Pep's halter.  I think we looked pretty sharp.
 She did a great job trotting in the ring.
 There were 3 other horses in the yearling class.  The tall bay won and we got second.  The judge actually came up to me and said "I placed the class on how I think they will turn out.  I like for a horse to be taller,"  I guess he never had any of the same training as we did on judging teams.  You judge the class in the ring that day, not what you THINK will happen in your crystal ball.  But I can't complain any about how well Otoelene behaved.
 After her class we used the Blocker Tie Ring to tie her to the trailer next to Lady.  Lady is always happy to just stand and eat so this had a good calming influence on Otoelene.
 Then came the break to water the ring.  There was a torrential down pour that delayed the rest of the show for an hour.
 When the show resumed in the mud, V rode in her 2 classes, Hunter Pleasure and English Go As You Please.
She won both classes (but isn't saying how many were in the classes).   Lady was dropped of at Papaw's house and Hank and Otoelene returned home.


C said...

Nice report. Sounds like a very successful day. Great results V. Congratulations.

Otelene made great progress. Infuriating judge. I'm with you - should be judged by the day's performance.

Nell said...

Yay for Otoelene! it sounds like she did AWESOME for her first time in the ring! I'm impressed by her good behavior.

P.S.- I used to be on a collegiate livestock judging team, and we always judged the classes on how they looked that day. There were a few times when I saw a winning heifer the next day when she wasn't all "fitted up" and thought that the class placement would have sorted out differently. Sometimes it's amazing what a difference a good fitter can make. LOL!

Kim said...

Congrats to all of you! Oto looked beautiful.

Crystal said...

You guys sure do look good! I think you should have een jusged on that day as well. But Congrats for a well behaved day and good job V!

Story said...

The firsts you did have were the most important ones! What a good girl! She looked great.

The Japanese Redneck said...

I would have given that Judge a look.... That makes no sense to me either. He should have Judged based on the here and now.

Congrats on ya'll's placings! You and the horses all look good.

Jocelyn said...

Your horses are beautiful. Congrats on your placings. Sorry about the judge. I woulda slapped him in the head.

Aimee said...

I'm super proud of Ottalene! The judge sounds like a goof. I agree with you, they must judge on what is presented that day. Besides, she's a cow horse...they typically are a bit broader and shorter. If she were a hunter, then that would be different. Also, this was a halter class, no? Isn't confirmation the most important aspect? Geesh!

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