Friday, October 14, 2011

Sale Day

Today was sale day for the goats. 
 J did a one man round up (the lunge whip does help).
 Then he had to catch each one that we were keeping,
 and put it in a different section of the barn.
 J's dad provided some timely assistance.  He's not trying to remain anonymous, he just can't breathe the dust from the barn.
 I think this was a particularly nice group of goats.  The dogs did a good job keeping them alive and we ended up with 48 to sell.  We kept all of the old nannies (33) and 8 of the kids which included Bunny.
They ended up averaging 65 pounds.


Crystal said...

Sounds like a pretty good year for goats, congrats.

Alica said...

Were you sad to see them go? I'm sure they weren't pets...but it's easy to get attached to the little buggers, isn't it?! :) Jenna was so sad when she had to sell her 4-H goats after the fair.

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds good, l;ooks to me like herding goats might be trickier that the pics show. Obviously some pros at work

Alica said...

I'm sure that round-up wasn't easy...our two were hard enough to corral. They look great!

Mary Ann said...

I'm curious about the market for meat goats... we have seen breeders here come and go, and it seems like right now they are gone... it must still be good where you are.

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