Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Time for the round up and weaning.
First we had to get the cattle out of the front field through the horse pasture and into the barn lot.
It always looks like more when they are in a tighter spot.
The cows weren't too happy about being separated.
We only weaned the steers to start with.  Then J dewormed them before turning them back out into another field.
Sound like we will be hearing a little complaining for a few days. 


Alica said...

Love the action shot! Typical calf...running that something like Ivermectin pour on that he's using?

The Japanese Redneck said...

I imagine there will be a lot of racket for a few days. Oh my ears.

DeanO said...

Great study and learning though the power of photographs.

Crystal said...

Think its harder on the cows then the calves. Should be a little loud for a couple days there.

doublehphoto said...

Love this post and all your awesome pictures!

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