Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rose Parade

Got back from California at 1:15 am Wednesday morning then to work by 8:00 am.  So, I'm just now able to say a little about the trip.  The parade was fabulous!  Our seats were great.   I'll share the horse entries first. 
 This was a mini drill team.  I was hoping for a demonstration but they just passed by in formation.
 The Medieval Times Tournament riders had spectacular costumes.
 The Spirit of the West Riders looked very authentic,
 as did the Calizona Appaloosa Horse Club.
 I imagine that if the Hermanos Banuelos Charro Team twirled their rope for 5 miles they were probably a little tired by the end.
 The Cowgirls Historical foundation sported vintage western wear of the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans era.
 The All American Chicks had 2 riders standing up for the whole time they were in sight.
 Then came the 100 palominos in honor of Roy Roger's 100th Birthday.
 The sight was truly spectacular. (even if one had to dismount because of a kicking fit)
I'll share some of the floats tomorrow.


50+ Horses said...

THANK YOU for posting this...especially Roy and Trigger's float, which I only caught glimpses of because I recorded it on (NBC) via DVR. I waited thru the whole parade only to find that the LAST FLOAT of the parade was Roy's. With the parade over behind Roy, I was sad to see people hurrying behind his float to get home or wherever they needed to be. It didn't matter to them (like it mattered to me). In that moment I felt 50+...and I cried because they surely never got the honor to "ride with Roy and Trigger".

Nell said...

Oh, I'm so excited you're back! When you told us you were going to the Rose Parade, I was green with envy, and couldn't wait until you posted pics. It's been my dream to go to the Rose Parade since I was a young child. My mom and I watched it every year on TV. I bet it was 100 times better to see it in person. What a spectacular opportunity. I LOVE the Roy Rogers tribute!

Thanks for sharing with us!

The Japanese Redneck said...

This is one parade that I would truly luv to see.

Fantastic memory.

Crystal said...

Wow sure looks like a good parade!! Still amazes me with all the flowers they use every year!!

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