Friday, January 13, 2012


Guess I left out some critical info on the camera.  It is just a Canon Power Shot A3300IS with 16 mega pixel and 5x zoom.
  It is half the size of my previous Canon power shot.
  I've always had Canons for some reason.
  My first good camera as a teenager was a 35 mm Canon sure shot, 
 which I still have of course.
 V bought herself a very nice Canon EOS with her Christmas money.  We are expecting some great thing from her with this one.
 My father used this 35 mm canon.
 Then he got this one with the telephoto lens to take better horse show pictures for me.  Looks like I could start a small Canon museum.


The Japanese Redneck said...

My old camera is a Canon. Nothing wrong with it, it just uses film.

Since using the digi, I'm terrribly spoiled. Hate to pay film processing.

Nice rigs!

Alica said...

Canon's are the best! Mine is a powershot, and I love it!

Crystal said...

I too have always had a cannon and had good luck with them, but I might venture out to the fugi waterproof one as a second smaller carryalong one. I have the SX20IS or something complicated and I like the pics it takes for me.

fernvalley01 said...

my point and shoot is a Panasonic Lumix , and I ADORE It , bought a big camera last year Canon Rebel T2i but I am still not as comfortable with it as the point and shoot . have fun , looking forward to some great shots

Nicole said...

Canon vs Nikon always seems like Ford vs Chevy :). And your one point and shoot, (the second one) I think I have that exact same or very similar camera :). But my husband switched me from Canon's to Nikons... LOL

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