Tuesday, February 28, 2012

65 Degrees

Today was a beautiful 65 degrees.  A perfect day for a ride around the farm.
 Hank walked along at a pleasantly brisk pace.  Nothing ever seems to phase him.
 It's hard to believe that is section was so thick with rose bushes pre goat herd that we couldn't even see our cattle when they were in here.

 There are still a few remnants of the multiflora roses.

Looks like I might have a little cleaning up to do later.
Maybe I could add it to some of J's wood piles.


Alica said...

You must have worked HARD cleaning that up, if it was full of those roses. Looks great! Glad you could enjoy the beautiful day!

sally said...

Wow the goats have done a good job ....bet it was nice for Hank to get out and go for a farm ride

Nell said...

65 degrees? We had a blizzard yesterday! You're teasing me with all of these pics of green grass sprouting forth!

I have heard about the value of goats clearing unwanted brush, and think it's amazing. It would be cool if you had a before/after pic of that area. I've also heard of folks that lease their goat herd to other people trying to clear brush and keep it from coming back.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Those goats did a good job.

Always lots of work to do!

Crystal said...

Wow sure wish we had green grass coming up! Looks like a nice ride though.

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