Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chris Cox Ride the Journey

V, E and sister L went with me to the Chris Cox- Ride the Journey clinic Saturday.  It was a 2 day clinic but we were not able to go back on Sunday.
V had her picture taken with Chris,
and E bought his book (with L) and had it signed and a picture.  I took the opportunity to ask about Pep's head set and unwillingness to go forward readily.  From my description he pretty much said she was sour and E was probably just picking at her with the riding crop.  I looked a E and said, "will you listen now that it's coming from Chris Cox!"
We saw an excellent colt starting demonstration.  I've done everything with Otoelene that he did only it took me 6 months and he did it in 1 hour.  
He also had a session on head sets which was more about horsemanship and consistency.  
We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and wished we could have gone back for day two.  There is always more to learn with horses and it helps seeing different techniques.  I highly recommend going if he has a clinic near you.  


The Japanese Redneck said...

Sounds fantastic. I wish the hubby could go cause he's starting Ziggy and would learn a lot.

Story said...

I went to see Chris Cox when he was here a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, like you, I missed the second day. How cool that you got to talk to him. There is always something to learn.

Crystal said...

I have heard he is really good. I like going to clinics, there is always so much to learn.

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