Monday, April 16, 2012

Small Ride

Our 4-H club had a small trail ride Sunday.
 The weather was beautiful.   E rode Hank the Wonder Horse, I rode Thumper and J rode Jessica. V had to work so she wasn't able to join us.  She has a job as hostess at Cracker Barrel.
 E however, says Hank is not a wonder horse.  His walk was rough and he tossed he's head when he wanted to go faster (and his rein broke which obviously was not his fault).  I said he is more of a wonder horse than Pep because at least he's sound.  Pep has another abscess after a year and a half of being abscess free.  Of course this happens a week before we plan on riding her.
 Katlyn was the only other 4-Her.  It is so discouraging trying to build up the club.  I can't understand why kids and parents aren't lining up to participate.
Everyone's horses acted great.  We rode for about 2 1/2 hours mostly walking some light trotting.  Next month's meeting will be at the arena.


~Allison said...

Love the bling bridle and breastcollar!

Keep getting the word out, you will get some more 4-Hers!

fernvalley01 said...

Hank is huge! Hope you have more folks turn up soon, I coached the beef club with 4H for a year, but the club was in disaray, and the entire club disbanded after that year, too bad as I really enjoyed it and working with the kids

Crystal said...

I used to help with the 4H club here, and alas we had to close cause no members would join either. I think everyone is too busy but I had fun and would have loved to keep helping

Aimee Dickenson said...

That is so discouraging about no one participating in our local 4-H. I, personally, can't wait for my girls to do it. Can a 33 year old join? lol I think that the main problem is that parents have their kids in so many activities there is no time or energy left. Sad, IMHO. And Hank IS a wonder horse. Any horse that can teach Iney the art of trail riding and not kill her after she kicked the snot out of him, is a wonder indeed!

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