Monday, April 23, 2012

The Spring Game

V won the Wendy's High School Heisman Scholarship Athletics Citizenship award for her school.  The award included a trip to the Virginia Tech Spring Game.
 J and I got to go with her and she had an extra ticket for Grandma.  Aren't Grandma's azaleas beautiful.
 V got her picture with the Hokie Bird,
 and the Heisman trophy was on display.
 Head Coach Frank Beamer gave a short talk.
 The stadium started to fill up while the team was warming up.
 We got to watch about 15 minuets of the warm-up before....
 a major thunderstorm rolled in.
 The stadium was evacuated.
 We were in one of the box seat areas.  They started to evacuate us but then decided we could stay.  We hung around for an hour while the officials decided if the game would be played.  We had some good food and snacks to keep us entertained.
But then they cancelled the game.  Finial score 21-0.  The white team (second team) had been spotted 21 points before the start of the game.  Very disappointing to be in such a well appointed box and no game.


Alica said...

That's disappointing! But congratulations to your daughter!

Crystal said...

Aww too bad to win suck a cool prize and not get to see the game :(

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