Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cripple Creek Days Parade

Our saddle club was invited to ride in a local Memorial Day parade today. 
 It is a very small community and the parade route was a small loop.  I was able to see part of it through the trees as we were riding in the back (where parades always put the horses.)
 J rode Jessica.
 I think the front of the parade quit and we passed them.
 Two different fire departments were represented.
 The tractor club had an excellent turnout.
 We rode with two other members of our club.  I rode Hank as you can see by his ear.
 The festivities continued with food and music after the parade.  But J and I just kept going and went on a 2 1/2 hour trail ride instead.
This was where we went trail riding. 
 The parade route did have a few distractions.    This dog jumped out barking ferociously.  Jessica didn't care much for it.

 I would be interested to see what their idea of "clean" is.
Then there was this group watching the parade.
I didn't take his picture but I was very impressed by an military officer in full uniform watching the parade.
Thank you to our military.

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Crystal said...

Sounds like a good day (except the dog that scared Jessica) I have always wanted to ride in a parade, maybe this fall, we have an all horse parade for the rodeo.

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