Friday, May 11, 2012

Fridays Fences

Looks like the link to Fridays Fences has changed but I already had these pictures in mind for of a fence or through a fence.   E got to play in another tennis match this week.  She is 7th seed on the team and they only play 6 unless the other team has 7.  Three of the girls will graduate this year so E will defiantly move up as a sophomore next year. 
 E and her teammate won their doubles match.
 And E easily won the singles.  Her coach wants her to challenge the 6th seed because she lost her match and they play the same team next week.  Her coach thinks E has a better chance at beating the other girl than her teammate does.  I've been pleasantly surprised at how much E is enjoying tennis. This is the first year she has ever played.
The high school awards were last night.

E's awards:  Outstanding Achievement in World History, Outstanding Student in Geometry and Highest Average in French II (I had to drop french 2 in high school because I was doing so poorly and found out you didn't need a foreign language to major in Animal Science at VA Tech.).

V's awards:  Top 10% Class 2012 (she's #4), Governor's Certificate of Recognition for successful completion of the rigorous requirements for Early College Scholars Program, Attendance for Governor's School for Math and Technology, NOCTI Competency Assessment in the field of Business Info Processing.
Governor's School Awards and graduation are next week.


Alica said...

Congratulations to your girls on their achievements! Mom has the right to be proud!!

C said...

Congratulations to V and E on all their awards. Great job!!

E - Looks like you are doing well with tennis (especially since you just started playing!!).

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