Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Graduations

Farming as taken a backseat temporarily.  There is a lot of family stuff going on.   My nephew Eric graduated from Virginia Tech with Honors this weekend. 
 He finished his degree in Turf Grass Management in just 3 years.  This in part was due to the college credits he earned when he went to Governor's School in High School.  We are hoping V will benefit like this.
 This was the view from our seats.  I thought the picture looks like "Where's Waldo?"
 For some reason it's a blank with me about getting my undergraduate diploma.  I remember going to Lane Stadium for the graduation address but then it's just a blank.  Kathy, if you remember let me know.
And the proud family.  J still can't believe he's brother has such tall sons.  He wants to know why our girls are so "shrimpy."   Congratulations Eric on a job well done.


C said...

They both really are tall.

A degree with honors in 3 years - that really is impressive. I hope V follow's in her cousin's footsteps!

Crystal said...

Wow he is impressive! Congrats and he sure is tall too. Look like a lot of grads there in that pic.

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