Thursday, May 3, 2012


Without further suspense 
 the big steer was 2nd in his class.
 He acted and looked good but had a sore foot so he didn't walk freely which the judge criticized.
 V's little steer won his class.
 She didn't have any problems showing him.
 He walked well and she was able to keep his head up.  He also had more finish than the other steers in the class.
 I think she was tickled with the first place.  She got to go back for the division champion but didn't place in that.
 V said she had always wanted a steer she could sit on.  At home in the barn lot if he was laying down when she would go to work with them she would always go sit on him.  He never seemed to mind at all.
 Senior showmanship was split into two heats.  She did well but didn't make the cut.
 V had a good cheering section.  Grandma and Grandpa R made it back from Florida in time for the show.  Grandma P came with Aunt L and we let E skip school to come. (with secret hopes that she would catch the steer showing bug and want to do this next year)
V's boyfriend was even able to attend but apparently wasn't totally mesmerized by the proceedings.  
And finally, V won a $400 college scholarship for past participation, leadership and citizenship.  We are very proud of all she has accomplished.


Crystal said...

Congrats to both girls. I have always wanted to sit on a steer too! Did they sell them as well?

C said...

Way to go V!! Good job! I'm sure J was excited.

Nell said...

Way to go! Looks like a successful show. I'm very curious to know if you fed them out with bags of some type of grower and finisher ration, or just did your own thing.

Thanks for sharing the show results with us!

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