Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Beach

We just got home from a short (5 day) trip to the beach.  That's about how long we can stay before J gets antsy about not being here. 
 We had a great time.  No sun poisoning (several of us are allergic to the sun), and only some mild burns (mostly by the friends V and E took).
 E had us playing tennis with her.  She has really been enjoying the sport.
 V played for the first time.
 She definitely had her own technique.  She said it was more challenging than it looked.  But in all fairness, she was playing with my 40 year old racket.  The heads were much smaller back then.  But that doesn't account for the interesting leg positions.
 J surprised us with his skill.  I had never seen him play before.  Maybe he should of been on the high school tennis team since it was during football's off season.
 Ashton was an excellent player for her first semi organized match.  She could be a real asset to next year's school team.
 V's boyfriend Alan went with us.  The Wii Mario Kart was a big hit.
There was an attempt at a sand castle.  But all that I saw was a moat.  More tomorrow.  I'll discuss my irritation with the neighbor and maybe show off my shark teeth.


Crystal said...

Looks like a fun trip! I was never much good at tennis, but we had a court close to where I grew up so we played a lot, luckily my friend wasnt any better than me ;)

C said...

Great update. Pictures of V cracked me up. Tennis is definitely not as easy as it looks. Interested to see the next update and the sharks teeth.

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