Saturday, July 7, 2012

More Damage

Here is some of the damage at our farm up the road. 
 This was a 3 sided shed.
 One of the sides landed a hundred feet away.  Good thing that apple tree was there the keep the rest on it from flying off.
 The posts broke right off of the ground.  This shed was at the end of a round bale lot so we had to do some patching yesterday.
 Most of the trees just broke off but this big walnut completely uprooted.  You can see we only have about 4 inches of top soil on top of rocks.
J was going to start cutting it up yesterday but decided with the 90+ heat to wait for another day.

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50+ Horses said...

Oh My Gosh!!! I thought of you when I heard about the storm and extended power outages. We've lost power multiple times in the last few years (for multiple days) but mostly in the winter when we can fire up our stove to keep warm. Losing it when it's hot is NOT fun! We are also on a well, creates more challenges. I'm grateful to know you are all safe.

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