Monday, July 30, 2012

Still Cleaning Up

J is still working on down fences from the wind storm 4 weeks ago.  
 He has been working on the fences in order of where the cows are rotating to next.  This is the section that was next on the list.
 This sycamore completely uprooted and landed on a large section of already old and previously patched fence.
 J had some old flat metal post that the post driver wouldn't fit over.  When I asked where he got them he said, "I don't remember, I just find things."
 Because he couldn't use the post driver he had to use a sledge hammer which was a little more challenging.
 Then he rigged up a piece of old american wire to the existing fence and attached it to the new posts.
And voila, ready for the cows.


Alica said...

Fixing of those "necessary evils". Glad he got it finished!

Stolpås Gård said...

These annoying storms! They can mess up something huge! Last winter came a storm called "Dagmar" into the north of Sweden and blew down our forests that belong to our farm. Not so fun, but what can you do?

Crystal said...

I like "I just find things" lol makes me laugh :)

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