Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn Show

J has been waxing poetic about the start of Autumn so here is our Autumn Horse Show.  Our local saddle club had it's fall show Saturday.  We took 3 horses and had 4 riders.  I worked the secretary booth then ringmastered while J took over my spot in the booth.  Then I went  to shuffle riders and horses around while J took over as ringmaster. 
 V has never really ridden Thumper before but wanted to show western so we pulled him out of the field and took him.
 It had been a couple of weeks at least since I rode him last.
 She showed in Juvenile western pleasure.(13-18 year olds), his first canter class at a show (and only his second show).
 V did really well with him and walked away with 1st.  By the way, no hat because of the hurricane force wind that blew all day.
 I had Hank there for Jordyn to show in the beginner classes but V wanted a turn on him too.  She showed him in Juvenile Go As You Please.  Hank did perfect and V looked great but 2 gaited ponies beat her some how.
 E rode Otoelene for 5 minutes on Friday but agreed to go ahead and show her for me.
 Otoelene is really developing a nice flat smooth stride.
 E said this was her second new show horse in a week.
She was 3rd in Jr Horse Go As You Please, and 5th in Stock Horse Go As You Please.  This was only Oloelne's second show under saddle.   I was very proud of both V and E for taking on new challenges and of the horses for staying calm and doing their job.
Stay tuned for mine and Jordyn's results.  We sure have been doing a lot of horse stuff lately.


C said...

Good job to E and V - especially for taking on new challenges.

fernvalley01 said...

Good stuff all around! Otelene has grown into a beauty

~Allison said...

Great job!

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