Sunday, October 28, 2012

C.E. and Evening Chores

I just got back from my continuing education meeting where I was updated on cardiology, GI surgery and wound care.  E and my sister L went with me and we stayed with sister C.  It is always nice to get to visit with her.  E got to do lots of shopping plus we had our annual campfire cookout followed by the yearly viewing of Monty Python's Holy Grail.   
 When I got home I saw the big pile of wood and the outdoor wood stove smoking.  J's getting ready for the big storm which may or may not include snow but is sure to have plenty of wind.  On the way up I 81 we passed numerous power company trucks from Texas on east, heading north to get ready too.
 J's got another bottle calf he's been feeding for the past 3 weeks.  A twin the mother didn't take.
 The billy goat got out awhile back and is now being confined to the barn lot.  He has to be fed and watered daily.
J's decided to name his new horse Brother, because he is constantly referred to as Otoelene's brother.  He's been turning Brother out in the bull lot during the day to graze where there is no fence line contact with the other horses yet, and then letting him back into the barn lot for a little hay.
Now you know.


Alica said...

I like the name Brother!

Hope the storm misses's predicted to hit us dead on tomorrow...we're as ready as can be, but it could get nasty out there! Looks like that stove can hold a lot of wood!

Crystal said...

Brother, I like it too.

Hope the storm misses you too, pretty horrible week for coastal places, storm on one side and earthquake on the other!

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