Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lesson One

What's His Name, had his first lesson yesterday, sensitizing and desensitizing.  Things went pretty well.  We actually had 2 short sessions, morning and afternoon.  There were a  lot of distractions in the morning with the horses at the gate whinnying and the cattle at the feed troughs making a ruckus and of course the wind blowing. 
 But still, we were able to send him off,
 walk and trot small circles, yield the hindquarters, push the shoulder over and flex the neck both ways.
 Then, standing still desensitizing with the whip and even picking up the front feet.  Then a big lesson on backing up out of my space.
I keep looking back at the pictures of Otoelene at this age and see how much we had already done.  Good progress for one day though and we have all winter to catch up.
Thanks for all of the positive comments about his purchase!


C said...

I see J is in the driver seat. I hope the new one works out as well as Otoelene.

Kim said...

He's a really nice looking horse.

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