Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fence Line Contact

It's been a month since we brought Brother home.  So, we thought it time to let him have some fence line contact with the other horses.  
 Lots of smelling first.
 Then looking.
 Then running.
 More looking,
 more smelling with some added squeals, 
 more running,
then settled down to eat.  The next day was fine, just standing near the fence making nice.  The next step will be the scary one.  Do you put in the most dominant horse with Brother or the least?  With Otoelene we had Lady who was on the bottom of the pecking order which worked fine.  J thinks we should put in Jessica first and just get the worst over with.  I see pros and cons with either scenario.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

I always put in my most dominant horse, but she is not mean, she is just the boss and once the new one gets along with her the rest of the herd just accepts them. But it is always a hard choice who to put them with at first for sure

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