Monday, December 3, 2012

Beautiful Weather

The first 3 days of December have been absolutely beautiful.  Little to no wind and temperatures in the 60's. I rode Otolene around the farm Saturday.  Then Sunday invited a friend from church to go riding.  She rode Hank, I was on Otolene and J decided to go with us on Jessica.  We rode around the farm again and had a wonderful ride.  So good in fact, that J kept thinking that evening about how well Jessica had done.  So, we rode again today.  
This time we hauled Jessica and Otolene up the rode to some near by trails.  J has to lunge Jessica first or sometimes she will take a stubborn  bucking fit if he doesn't.  Otolene took this opportunity to fuel up.    
We didn't realize it was the first day of bear season until we saw some hunters with their bear dogs.  
Luckily, J's vest is reversible with blaze orange that shows up well.  You can also see that Otolene didn't seem to mind falling behind.  We would have to trot though if they got out of sight. 
A hunting dog with a radio collar even took up with us for about a mile.  Then he found the scent of something and took off through the woods. 
Most of the trail was covered with leaves except for two parts that looked like someone had swept it.  Most unusual.  
Eight and a half miles and three hours later, Jessica got to do her usual post ride roll, 
and shake.   What a beautiful day for December.


fernvalley01 said...

gorgeous! Wow we are buried in snow!

Crystal said...

Oh man I wish it was like that here!!! Sure does look like a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

No doubt that you have a great day. Jessica can attest that since she enjoy the roll and the shake. Thanks for sharing these lovely shots. Really love them.

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