Monday, December 31, 2012

Cattle Stuff

The weather wasn't too bad and we had E home, so J decided it was a good day to work the cattle. 
First, it was getting them into the lot.  No problems there. 
E was ready with the record keeping. 
Brother was interested in the proceedings and seemed disappointed to not be involved. 
Emma, as usual, interjected herself into the middle of everything.  She's always trying to make friends. 
J sorted out the ones he wanted to cull, and ones to move to a different farm, then used a pour on dewormer to treat for lice. 
Then out the gate to get counted, 
and rotated to a new field.  
Then it was up the road to the other farm to repeat the process.   He sorted out the first calf heifers to bring back to the house to have a closer eye kept on them.
Then I had to pregnancy check a couple of the culls. 
More pour on and we're done with that chore.

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fernvalley01 said...

You all make a great team !Happy new Year

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