Monday, January 21, 2013

A Little Vaulting

Despite the snow, we went ahead with our 4-H meeting Sunday.  The roads were all clear and even our driveway wasn't too bad.  I am continuing to get more and more discouraged trying to lead this club.  It doesn't matter how many people I contact or how many say they are coming, I still just have the same three.  I'm about ready to call it quits and just take E to the competitions she wants to attend. 
We did have a mini course in horse judging.  There's a contest next month but I don't think the other 2 want to go.   We ending the day doing some vaulting on Hank.  
Once again he was quite the trooper letting everyone stand and jump around on him.  
The new vaulting surcingle fit but was difficult to get tight.  I'm hoping the leather just needs to be broken in.  I'm not sure it would fit a smaller horse.  
We just did everything at a walk.  I asked Corey (on top) if he was ready to do this at the canter.  I got a resounding, "NO!"
Forgot to take any pictures of E when she went and she wouldn't get back on for me to.


fernvalley01 said...

brave kids! I wish I had tried this when I was young

Crystal said...

We had the same problems when I helped with the 4H club here, now we have no horse club they all go across the river to a bigger club.

Judy Johnson said...

I have been a 4-H leader forever it seems! It is so discouraging and frustrating when there is a lack of participation during the year. It seems that always just before the county fair, that's when the absent kids and parents all of a sudden want your help! I gave up being a 4-H dog leader after my boys were grown because I could plan on having obedience once a week drive all of the way into town and have one kid or no kids show up. I swore off being a 4-H leader three years ago because I was burned out. This year,I am back at it for my granddaughter. Once a 4-H'er always a 4-H'er I guess! Look forward to hearing more about your 4-h horse leader experiences!

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